Consider The Lily


– Rescuing and Restoring Girls from Sexual Abuse and Trafficking

Since 2011, Consider the Lily has rescued girls from the horrors of sexual abuse and trafficking. Some girls are rescued from their family homes while are brought out of trafficking rings. No matter their background, when they become part of the Consider The Lily family, their healing begins.

What sets Consider The Lily apart is our emphasis on education. Every girl attends school, from grade school through university or trade school. They stay with our family until they have a job and can live on their own. 

Consider The Lily focuses on three elements of healing and restoration:

  • Protection – We take great measures to keep every girl safe.
  • Prosecution – Every girl deserves to be defended. We want to ensure justice is upheld, and prosecution moves us closer to ending sexual abuse and trafficking.
  • Partnership — Our team of social workers, attorney’s, and counselors work closely with authorities and organizations to ensure girls safety, healing and restoration.

Every jar of Selfles Multi-Solution Face Gel contributes to Consider The Lily and their battle to end sex trafficking and abuse.

Each Selfles jar is a Jar full of Hope! Or Freedom

Charity Vision

Restoring lives by restoring vision

Without sight, you lose more than vision; your world becomes lonely, bleak and scary. Over 39 million people are blind, and over 90% live in developing areas. Blindness in those areas often leads to begging, poverty and abandonment.

Every five seconds someone goes blind; every one minute a child loses their sight. And nearly all blind children in the developing world drop out of school and are dead within two years.

But here’s the good news! Over 80% of all blindness can be cured! A simple procedure performed by a qualified local surgeon is often all it takes to give people back their vision.

We are capable of putting an end to needless blindness and restoring vision!

Since 1986, Charity Vision has provided over 375,000 surgeries in over 25 countries.

Now here’s the best part: Every Visionary Pack purchased through ncrease will be linked directly to restoring someone’s vision – one for one!

Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Prov 29:18